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Paola Manara was born in Milan and she started studying music as a little girl. 

Her curiosity for various instruments got her close to the piano, the flute, and the cello. 

At the beginning of the 90s she passionately started studing singing. 

She successfully graduated from Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali – Conservatorio “Cantelli” in NovarA where she also studied Choir direction, Composition, and Percussions.

She specialized in the antique repertoire under the guidance of Gloria Banditelli and Filippo Maria Bressan at Accademia del Teatro in Cagli.

She also studied with Mary Sheridan de Bruin, Joan Sutherland, Leyla Gencer, Alfredo Kraus, Vittorio Terranova, Carlo de Bortoli, and Margherita Guglielmi.

Paola Manara also brilliantly graduated from sda Bocconi cooperating with "Teatro alla Scala" Academy and "Piccolo Teatro" in Milan. 

She works with M° Giuseppe Sabbatini and many other important names worldwide known.

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